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In 2006 King Sling and Samo started one of Stockholms most creative and interesting recordlabels, Peekaboo music. The two of them met while hustling as deejays in the early 2000.
They both had a huge love for music and wanted to do more than just playing records, they wanted to release music that was interesting and good. The label has three different alignments, Body To Body is concentrating on electronical/techno music, High Feelings releases more disco orientated stuff while Peekaboo Music has a hiphop/funk kinda agenda. Here at Köln were especially stoked about music from the two first-mentioned labels. Below you can find some tracks that we really like!

Over The Hill
is a duo and consist of Daniel Savio a.k.a Kool DJ Dust and Samo. They describes themselves as "The world´s most dangerous etno-techno band ". Together on a split with Computor Haxxor Lowxxxratntz a.k.a Mighty Thor they´ve released one of High Feelings best so far!

Computor Haxxor Lowxxxratntz - Human Dynamo (Zshare)

Over The Hill - UFO Bible (Zshare)

From Tokyo, Japan comes COS/MES. According to King Sling these guys are into skateboarding and producing tästy electronical music, that´s all they do! Their release on High Feelings is called Sadistic Skatepark and kind of gives the listener a glince of what these harikiri-going skaters are all about!

COS/MES - Fanfare Maniac (Zshare)

Them Sheperds is two finnish dudes that lives in Helsinki. They´ve been doing electroblues music since 2004, one of the members, Aku Raski is also known as Huoratron where he makes crazysoundin deathtechno . Their release on Body to Body is called The Rattlesnake EP and includes this excellent technoremix by T.A. Kaukolampi.

Them Sheperds - Rattle (T.A.Kaukolampi Remix) (Zshare)

Hundarna Från Söder is Aksel Friberg, Kool DJ Dust & Mighty Thor. Their last release "There is something rotten in sweden" from Body To Body is a dark and drugy soundin 12". Especially like this track that you can enjoy below!

Hey! If you like the tracks above, buy them on vinyl at www.slingandsamo.com

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